About Us

Nu Sass Productions strives to encourage women in all aspects of theater, especially in those roles traditionally dominated by men. Nu Sass seeks to offer women opportunities to expand the roles they take on in the theater and try new things. Nu Sass explores how putting female actors into roles originally written for men can change the overall experience for the audience. Above all, Nu Sass aims to create engaging, thought-provoking art while being a responsible local and global citizen.

Nu Sass Productions was founded by Aubri O’Connor and Emily Todd in 2009. Past productions include:

Marx in Soho(Spring 2017), 22 Boom! (Capital Fringe 2016)
Nu Drafts (Spring 2016);
Stone Tape Party: The Re-Mix (Winter 2016);
No Exit
(Small Batch Audience Series (SBAS), Fall 2015);
The Paper Game (Capital Fringe 2015);
A Bright Room Called Day (SBAS, Spring 2015);
Stone Tape Party (Capital Fringe 2014, Winner Best Comedy, Winner Best Overall Show);
43 and ½: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare’s Tragedies
(Capital Fringe & Fall Fringe 2013, Fall 2016); Socky Horror Puppet Show (2013);
Tent of Dreams: An Occuplay (Capital Fringe 2012; The Yippie Cafe, Manhattan 2012; Fall Fringe 2012);
Into the Woods: In Concert (2012);
Priscilla Dreams the Answer (Capital Fringe 2011 – Winner: Best Comedy);
Cavers (Capital Fringe & Fall Fringe 2010); Art (2010);
and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Capital Fringe 2009).

Our Artistic Director is Aubri O’Connor. Our Resident Director is Angela Kay Pirko. Our Associate Producer is Clare Shaffer. Our Production Manager is Becky Mezzanotte. Our Director Emeritus is Emily Todd.

A DC Based, Female Driven Theatre Company