Angela Kay Pirko


Angela Kay Pirko
Angela Kay Pirko
ANGELA KAY PIRKO is Co -Producer and Resident Director for Nu Sass Productions

 Nu Sass Productions: Nu Drafts, Stone Tape Party: The Re-Mix, No Exit, A Bright Room Called DayStone Tape Party.
NYC: Core Artist’s Ensemble: In The Open (Reading).
Treehouse Theatre: Uncle Jack (Reading).
REGIONAL. STC: Much Ado About Nothing (Free For All – Asst.), All’s Well That Ends Well (Free For All – Asst.)
Brave Spirits Theatre: The Maid’s Tragedy
National Conservatory for Dramatic Arts: The Story-Thief and the Prince of Dreams
Lean and Hungry Theater: AliceComedy of Errors (Asst.)
Source Festival: 
The Narrow Gate; Painted.
Capital Fringe Festival: 
Breaking Up With ED: Survivors Speak Out On Eating Disorders.  Federal Theatre Project: Someone to Watch Over Me (Asst.).
Spooky Action Theater: 
The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller (Reading);
Taffety Punk: 
The Poker Night(Reading, Asst.);
Peter’s Alley Theatre Productions: 
Proof. Actor’s Center: A Very Young Man With Enormous Wings (Reading).
Live Arts Shorts Festival: 
The Man with the Flower in his Mouth.
INSTRUCTOR: Adventure Theatre MTC: Teaching Artist.  Richmond Shakespeare Company: Teaching Artist.
TRAINING: Studio Theatre Conservatory, Shakespeare & Company Conservatory 2010, LAMDA Shakespeare Intensive.
EDUCATION: BA in Drama from University of Virginia.

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