The Paper Game


The game is simple. The system isn’t. The stakes couldn’t be higher. In the Paper Game there’s only one rule that matters: win, or die trying.

Nu Sass is proud to have the World Premier of The Paper Game in the 2015 Capital Fringe Festival.

Friday, July 10 @ 10:45pm
Sunday, July 12 @ 3:00pm
Saturday, July 18 @ 8:15pm
Tuesday, July 21 @ 9:45pm
Saturday, July 25 @ 2:30pm

Sprenger – Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

If you’ve ever quietly seethed while waiting in a doctor’s office or emergency room; if you’ve ever engaged in an argument about how #YesAllWomen is a thing; if you’ve ever raged over the fact that in 2015 #BlackLivesMatter is even an issue, this play is for you. A satirical look at the maze we all must navigate regardless of the particulars of the system, The Paper Game will touch everyone who’s ever had to call a 1-800 number and then dedicate what seems like the rest of their life to trying to get the right person to tell them the right thing to make everything work out right.

Written By: Julia Holleman
Directed By: Renana Fox
Stage Managed By: Charles Lasky
Light Design By: Colin Dieck
Sound Design By: Aaron Fensterheim
Scenic Design By: Eric McMorris
Scenic Construction By: Brian E. McDermott

Ronnie Brown
Tiffany Byrd
Keegan Cassady
Bess Kaye
Aubri O’Connor

Tickets on sale NOW.
Tickets $17
Ticket packages available.

This production is presented as a part of the 2015 Capital Fringe Festival, a program of the Washington, DC non-profit Capital Fringe.

A DC Based, Female Driven Theatre Company