Nu Sass is holding auditions for our upcoming production of “The Veils” by Hope Villanueva.

Auditions 10/14
Rehearsals will begin 11/1
Tech will be 2/10 – 2/14
The show will run 2/15 – 3/4
Performances will be at Anacostia Arts Center – 1231 Good Hope Rd SE

$200 stipends will be paid. If profit is made, it will be split with all artists in the project.
Non-union only
This will be a Helen Hayes Eligible project

The Play
Mel is happily engaged. She’s also an active Marine Corp translator. While on deployment, Mel’s father passes away, with her mother and sister left to pick up the pieces. When Mel finally returns home, she is haunted by nightmares, terrified not only by what she has seen and lost but by the prospect of going back to her family—particularly as her sister has commandeered wedding planning duties, with her first task being to find Mel’s gown. Veils explores the experiences of a soldier coming to terms with being a part of two very different worlds and a woman who isn’t sure who she is or what she wants.

Mel – Former Marine, back from the Middle East, planning her wedding
Wendy – Mel’s mother, wants to help but just barely holding it together
Harmony – Mel’s sister, cool, collected and action-oriented
Vargas – A fellow soldier in Mel’s unit
Stitch – A fellow soldier in Mel’s unit
Prisoner – A Iraqi soldier taken hostage. Same actor as Vargas.
Commanding Officer – Voice Over only. A CO in charge of Mel’s base.
John – Voice Over only. Deceased, Mel and Harmony’s Father, Wendy’s husband

A NOTE ABOUT CASTING: Nu Sass uses gender blind casting to offer women and members of the transgender community the opportunity at roles that may not normally be available to them. If you see a character you like and it is not obviously your gender, please still ask to read for it.

Auditions will take place Saturday, October 14th, 6p-10p

Auditions will be held at 1776 Massachusetts Ave NW in Dupont Circle

Actors should prepare a 1-2 minute monologue, and be prepared to read from sides. This is a drama.

Please email casting@nusass.com with headshot and resume.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND LIVE AUDITIONS: Please contact us and we will email you sides for a video submission.

Nu Sass Productions has been producing theatre supporting women in the arts in DC for 8 years. We employ gender blind casting, and require 60:40 female:male participation for all of our projects. You can find us at https://www.facebook.com/nusasswww.nusass.com, and twitter.com/Nu_Sass

Mikhail Gordon