Nu Sass is hiring a stage lighting designer for The Veils in the Women's Voices Theatre Festival

Nu Sass Productions is a theater group in DC that works to support women and transgender people in the arts. We use affirmative action hiring to ensure women and transgender people are receiving opportunities in DC theater.

The show will be at Anacostia Arts Center, 1231 Good hope Rd SE, From 2/15 - 3/4

Artist stipends are negotiable - the average $300. Please tell us your desired stipend.

1/15- first read
Two production meetings between 12/10 and 2/1
2/10/2018 - Load in
2/10-2/14 - Load in, tech, etc
2/14 - Dress rehearsal
2/15 - Open
3/4-5 - Strike.

The Play
Mel is happily engaged. She’s also an active Marine Corp translator. While on deployment, Mel’s father passes away, with her mother and sister left to pick up the pieces. When Mel finally returns home, she is haunted by nightmares, terrified not only by what she has seen and lost but by the prospect of going back to her family—particularly as her sister has commandeered wedding planning duties, with her first task being to find Mel’s gown. Veils explores the experiences of a soldier coming to terms with being a part of two very different worlds and a woman who isn’t sure who she is or what she wants.

The set budget is $100.

Please contact to submit your resume.


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