22 BOOM!

The challenge is simple: write a play based on an audience suggestion while another play is going on.

Welcome to 22 Boom! the brilliant, beautiful, buoyant play written by Baltimore playwright Miranda Rose Hall, directed by Renana Fox.

8 actors, 23 plays, 70 minutes, plus a bonus play written for you by one of our guest playwrights while you watch (and performed on the fly as a finale). 23 plays for the price of 1, this is a fast moving, actor swapping, genre spanning script-bonanza!

Premiering at the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival. Tickets on sale now at here!

Written by Miranda Rose Hall
Directed by Renana Fox
Tori Boutin
Cate Brewer
Darnell Eaton
Dannielle Hutchinson
Lily Kerrigan

Ben Lauer
Aubri O’Connor
John Stange

Sound Design by Hope Villanueva
Light Design by Ehui Woo
Props by Becky Mezzanotte
Set by Eric McMorris

Mikhail Gordon